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Clean and good-smelling laundry is a basic need for everyone. Everyone’s circumstances are different and if you don’t have a washing machine, are traveling or simply have large amounts of laundry, then you’ve come to the right place at our laundromat in Stuttgart and at our laundromat in Karlsruhe. In our self-service launderette, you can wash and dry your laundry yourself without an appointment, easily and inexpensively. Laundromat wash&go is a family-run business that provides professional machines for you as a customer. In this blog post, we would like to provide you with interesting and important information for your visit to one of our self-service laundries.

Who is interested in laundromats in Stuttgart and Karlsruhe?

Our self-service laundromats are suitable and practical for everyone. If you don’t have your own washing machine, your washing machine or dryer has broken down, you are traveling on business or on vacation, you want to wash and dry large quantities of laundry or items such as upholstery, carpets, blankets or, for example, you need a dryer because you don’t have the space for one in your home. It’s definitely worth stopping by one of our modern and clean laundromats in Stuttgart or Karlsruhe! Our customers include commuters, tourists, students, families, companies such as kindergartens, sports clubs and hotels. In our laundromats in Stuttgart and Karlsruhe, you can expect a professional service with high-quality, modern machines.

How does our self-service laundromat work?

We are open 6 days a week from 06:00 – 23:00. You can drop by our launderette in Stuttgart or Karlsruhe at any time without an appointment. A large number of washing machines and dryers are available so that you don’t have to wait. You can find simple step-by-step instructions on how the self-service launderette works HERE on our website or on site. If you have any questions or problems, our laundromat support hotline in Stuttgart or Karlsruhe is always available. The professional machines in our launderette guarantee you a top result in the shortest possible time. While the machine is running, you can either wait in the laundrette or run errands.

How much does it cost to wash and dry in a launderette in Stuttgart and Karlsruhe?

In our self-service laundromats, you pay with cash at our modern and easy-to-use automatic pay stations. It doesn’t matter whether you pay with bills (up to €20) or coins. The machine will of course give you change accordingly. You get the highest quality and the best service for your money. In our self-service laundromat in Stuttgart and our self-service laundromat in Karlsruhe, you can wash for as little as €3.75 and dry for as little as €1.20. The exact price you pay at Waschsalon wash&go depends on the size of the washing machine and the drying time. Heavy-duty detergent can be bought for as little as 50 cents and fabric softener for 30 cents per wash. To save money or if you prefer to use a specific detergent/softener, you can also bring this to the wash&go launderette yourself. As a laundromat wash&go customer, you can also save a lot with our discount card. You can find out exactly how the discount card works and where you can get the card in our self-service launderette HERE.

Hygiene and cleanliness at Waschsalon Stuttgart and Karlsruhe

Hygiene is the top priority at laundromat wash&go. Understandably, there are many who are concerned about poor hygiene and germs. But you don’t need to worry at all at our launderettes in Stuttgart and Karlsruhe. We at Wachsalon wash&go attach great importance to hygiene by regularly cleaning and maintaining the machines.

Services at the Stuttgart launderette and the Karlsruhe launderette
At laundromat wash&go, it’s all about feeling good. There is seating, coffee and tables for folding laundry in a clean and pleasant atmosphere. Here you can relax, read, work or pursue other activities. Free Wi-Fi is also available.

Advantages of our self-service laundromat

A visit to our launderette in Stuttgart or our launderette in Karlsruhe offers many advantages. In our launderette, we offer you professional washing machines and professional dryers that are super modern and state of the art. This gives you short washing and drying times. We not only offer super short washing times, but also a large number of machines so that you don’t have to wait and can start several machines at the same time in the wash&go laundromat.

Laundromat wash&go in a prime location in Stuttgart and Karlsruhe

Wash&go laundromats are very centrally located in both Karlsruhe and Stuttgart. Laundromat wash&go is easy to reach by public transport and also offers many parking options in the streets around the self-service laundromats. In addition, shopping facilities, cafés and other stores are all within walking distance of the launderette.

Now we hope that we have been able to convince you of our self-service laundries and would be delighted to welcome you soon. Convince yourself of laundromat wash&go!!!

Your wash&go team