Laundromat Stuttgart & Karlsruhe by wash&go

Your modern self-service laundromat in Stuttgart Mitte, Stuttgart West, Karlsruhe Ost- and Weststadt

Services of our laundromats

Benefit from our modern large-capacity washing machines and dryers of the best quality!

Washing: 7kg professional machines

Without waiting times in only 35 minutes to your clean laundry in one of our 14 brand new 7 kg professional machines.

Drying: 20Kg professional machines

6 brand new 18kg professional dryers per location with enough space for comforters, upholstery, sleeping bags, curtains, pillows, etc.. This means your laundry can dry crease-free in just 30-40 minutes.

Washing: 18kg washing machines

2 brand new 18 kg professional washing machines and plenty of space for large quantities of laundry, such as: Comforters, mattress toppers, curtains, pillows, etc.. Clean laundry in just 35 minutes with our machines.

Exclusive lounge including free Wifi

Free high-speed Wi-Fi at all our locations, including a coffee machine, newspapers and magazines, as well as a modern lounge with comfortable seating and a sofa to relax on.


What makes WASH&GO different from any other self-service laundromat?

Fast & short washing times

With our professional washing machines and dryers, laundry is washed and dried in a flash. Washing: 35 minutes or drying: 30 minutes

Low prices & big discounts

With our discount card, you can save up to 25% on your laundry and receive it at any checkout machine in our local stores.

Simple self-service of the professional machines

It's easy and super simple to wash and dry yourself with our detailed instructions on site.

Modern laundromats centrally located

You can easily reach all our locations by public transport or by car. Shorten your waiting time by surfing with free WIFI in our lounges.

Prices of our laundromats

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Contact & Directions

Your laundromat in Stuttgart & Karlsruhe

Your self-service launderette 
 is available 2x in Stuttgart and 2x in Karlsruhe!
Find out more about our locations here:

Stuttgart West


Bus: Bismarckplatz: 41 | N10(1 minute walk)

Subway / S-Bahn

Subway: Schwab-/Bebelstraße: U2 | U29 | U34(3 minutes on foot)
S-Bahn: Schwabstraße: S1 | S2 | S3 | S4 | S5(4 minutes on foot)

Stuttgart center


Bus: Wilhelm-Olgastraße: 43 | N1(1 minute walk)

Subway / S-Bahn

Subway: Schwab-/Bebelstraße: U2 | U29 | U34(3 minutes on foot)
S-Bahn: Schwabstraße: S1 | S2 | S3 | S4 | S5(4 minutes on foot)

Karlsruhe Weststadt


Bus: Kaiserplatz(1 minute walk)

Subway / S-Bahn

Subway: Mühlburger Tor: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4(7 minutes on foot)
S-Bahn: Mühlburger Tor: S1 | S2 | S5 | S11 | S51(7 minutes on foot)

Karlsruhe Oststadt


Bus: Karl-Wilhelm-Platz(3 minutes on foot)

Subway / S-Bahn

Subway: Gottesauer Platz/BGV: 1 | 2 | 4 | NL 1 | NL 2(3 minutes on foot)
S-Bahn: Gottesauer Platz/BGV: E | S2 | S4 | S5 | S7 | S8 | S51(3 minutes on foot)

Customer ratings & reviews

What do our customers say about wash&go?

Natalia Barczyk
Małe pranie 7kg 3.90€ Duza pralka max 20kg 13.90€ Pranie trwa 40min
Ghgr Fghj
Marco Wertz
Baba laden, super Auswahl, Baba Personal
Robin Krause
Der Waschsalon ist sehr sauber und die Maschinen top. Leider funktioniert das WLAN nicht und die angezeigten 35 Minuten sind eher 45 Minuten. Ärgerlicherweise kann man nur mit Bargeld zahlen.
Rodrigo Fernandez
Great washing machines and dryers! The main screen also have a choice to change the language to English. They also have the options to buy laundry powder for a bit extra. Excellent place to wash your clothes if you’re travelling
Sugar Brown
Dufter shop
rajat walia
Amazing laundry service. Very clean and hygienic place. All machines are well maintained and well functioned. Clothes comes out 100% clean after washing. Highly recommended place.
Emre Saritad
Sehr guter waschsalon
Clean and easy to use machines

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Questions & Answers

You pay 4.50€ for our 7kg washing machine, 13.50€ for our 18kg washing machine and 2.00€ per 15 minutes for our dryers. It usually takes 30 minutes to dry your laundry. The costs are independent of the washing program or dryer temperature.

We are open Monday to Saturday from 06:00 – 23:00.

No, unfortunately laundromats are not allowed to open on Sundays due to the law on Sundays and public holidays in Baden-Württemberg.

Yes, with pleasure. We have 18 kg washing machines and dryers, so we can fit a lot in there! Whether large comforters, mattress toppers, washable carpets, cushions for patio furniture and much more.

Of course you can bring your own detergent and fabric softener. If you prefer, you can also buy laundry detergent and fabric softener at our launderette.

With us, washing and drying is child’s play. There is a step-by-step guide on site which describes exactly what to do. However, if you still have any questions, you can call us at any time and we will be happy to help.

Washing instructions

  • Fill washing machine & close door
  • At the automatic pay station Machine no. choose
  • Select wash program
  • Pay with cash or discount card
  • Buying and filling detergent
  • Press the start button on the machine

Drying instructions

  • Fill dryer & close door
  • At the automatic pay station Machine no. choose
  • Select drying time
  • Pay with cash or discount card
  • Select temperature on the dryer & start
  • See you soon!

Card payment is not possible, but you can pay with coins and bills up to €20. Our cash machine gives change accordingly.

The washing and drying of animal blankets is not permitted for reasons of hygiene.

Our machines are regularly serviced and cleaned. However, should a problem occur, please contact us by telephone and we will help you immediately.