Our XXL dryer from Waschsalon Wash&Go - the all-rounder that will change your life!

Is your clothes horse always in the way or is wet laundry hanging all over the apartment and over every radiator? Or maybe you just don’t have time to air dry because you’re passing through or you hate the fact that your towels are stick hard? Your
wash&go laundromat near you
is just the thing for you. At the wash&go laundromat in Stuttgart and Karlsruhe, everything revolves not only around washing, but also around drying. You are welcome to come just for drying.

Our XXL dryers are absolute professional machines and absolute all-rounders. See for yourself, they will change your life.

What are the advantages of using the professional dryers at our wash&go locations in Karlsruhe and Stuttgart?

IMPORTANT: Before using our professional dryers, please check how and at what temperature the clothes may be dried. It is advisable to follow the manufacturer’s instructions for the care of the clothes and the dryer settings to achieve the best results and extend the life of the clothes.

Take a look and see our self-service laundries in Stuttgart and our self-service laundries in Karlsruhe for yourself! We look forward to seeing you, your
laundromat wash&go