Laundromat wash&go - The self-service laundromat for everyone!

There are self-service laundromats all over the world. Whether in large cities, rural areas or even on islands. Even though many people have a washing machine these days, the self-service laundrette still has its raison d’être.

Do men/women need a self-service launderette despite having their own washing machine or dryer?


At Waschsalon wash&go you can also wash things that are too big for your private washing machine (patio cushions, curtains, mattress toppers, etc.) or quickly process large mountains of laundry. We have 18kg washing machines or you can simply turn on several washing machines at the same time. Our self-service launderette offers you a quick and inexpensive way to do your laundry, especially when traveling. Many furnished apartments for temporary living, Airbnb apartments or student residences, for example, do not have their own washing machine. Laundromat wash&go is exactly the right place to go.

What’s more, it’s not always just about washing your laundry. In contrast to many households with washing machines, a large number of households do not have their own dryer. You can also pay a visit to the wash&go launderette if you simply need to dry your laundry. Wash at home and then dry in our self-service launderette; no problem at all! Some things, such as down comforters or jackets, even have to go in the tumble dryer and in winter the laundry simply dries poorly and above all slowly in the home. Laundromat wash&go is a great alternative!

What are the advantages of wash&go as a self-service laundromat?

Simple self-service

It’s easy and super simple to wash and dry yourself with our detailed instructions on site. Especially if you do your own washing and drying at home, then using us is child’s play. If you have any questions or problems, you can contact our support hotline at any time. There are always answers or help here You can find the contact details HERE!

Mega short washing times

With our professional machines, laundry is clean and dry in a flash. Washing takes approx. 35 minutes and drying approx. 30 minutes. Due to the large number of machines, several washing machines or dryers can be purchased and used at the same time. Use the time to get to know other people, do your shopping, check your emails or our social media, for example. Feel free to tag us in your story on Instagram wash&go Stuttgart or wash&go Karlsruhe or link to our wash&go website! We would be delighted to have more followers and likes.

Brand new professional machines

Our professional washing machines and dryers ensure maximum cleanliness and the best results. We have a large number of our standard 7kg washing machines on site, but also 18kg washing machines to cope with the large mountains of laundry or to get large items such as toppers, comforters, etc. clean.

Small prices & big discounts

You can save up to 25% with our discount card. You can get our discount card at any ticket machine at all locations. If you visit us regularly, it’s definitely a must to save money and wash and dry at low cost. You can find all the information about the discount card on the laundromat wash&go website .


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Central location

You can easily reach all our laundromat wash&go locations by public transport or by car. There are supermarkets, cafés, bars, parks and other stores within walking distance. You can find out exactly where you can find wash&go on our website.

Last but not least, we would like to dispel one of the worst preconceptions of a self-service laundromat. It’s dirty, grubby and unhygienic… That’s what you’ll find at NIEMLAS laundromat wash&go. Of course, we can only put our money where our mouth is, but hygiene and cleanliness are the most important things for us. You can find out more about laundromat wash&go in our blog post “Laundromat wash&go – THAT’S US”.

Now we’d bet that you can think of at least one reason to wash and/or dry at Waschsalon wash&go and take advantage of the many benefits of a self-service laundromat.

Take a look and see our self-service laundries in Stuttgart and our self-service laundries in Karlsruhe for yourself! We look forward to seeing you, your laundromat wash&go team