Laundromat wash&go - THAT'S US!

Who is actually behind Waschsalon wash&go, the largest laundromats in Stuttgart and Karlsruhe? In contrast to a café, a bar or a boutique, for example, there is no one on site in our self-service laundromats; the only exception is our cleaner, who checks on the laundromats 2-3 times a day. Otherwise, there is only the voice on the 24-hour service phone or someone who answers emails or Facebook messages.

Many people may think it’s a bit anonymous, but there’s nothing to hide and that’s why we want to give laundromat wash&go a face at this point. The satisfaction of our customers is our highest priority and we, a small family of 4 with a dog, do our best to achieve this every day. Laundromat wash&go, whether in Stuttgart or Karlsruhe, is a small family business, not a nationwide laundromat chain, not a large company, not a cleaning company or anything else…

But how do you come to run a self-service laundromat?

We have used and seen laundromats in Stuttgart for many years, but we never felt comfortable… We often found old and far too few washing machines or dryers, no seating, no storage space for folding the washed clothes, no instructions and it was rarely really clean in the laundromats we knew.

This gave birth to the idea of his own laundromat, first in Stuttgart, then in Karlsruhe. Our motto: “You can do much better than that!”

We set ourselves the following principles as wash&go back then. To this day, we pursue this with great passion and pleasure in each of our laundromat locations in Stuttgart-West, Stuttgart-Mitte, Karlsruhe-Südweststadt and Karlsruhe-Oststadt:

…and much more!

We have been in the self-service launderette business since 2009, starting in Stuttgart and in Karlsruhe since 2020, and have gained a lot of experience over the years. We always think: “What can we do better?” Faster internet, more comfortable seating, better washing machines or dryers, clearer instructions, better discounts, a more modern lounge, a new coat of paint, better detergent, a nicer website and so on…

Our daily wash&go motivation: Your satisfaction!

Constructive feedback for our self-service laundrette branches is therefore incredibly important, as this is the only way we can become even better at what we do. As a thank you for a Google review, our customers therefore receive a free wash or free drying in one of our wash&go laundromats! You can find all the information you need on our location pages or simply give us a call
Take a look and see our self-service laundries in Stuttgart and our self-service laundries in Karlsruhe for yourself!
We look forward to seeing you,
Your laundromat wash&go team