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In order to maintain basic hygiene in the worsening COVID-19 pandemic, we are still there for you - even on Sundays! Federal government decision of 16.03.2020.

Your Wash & Go laundromat in Esslingen am Neckar

In your Wash & Go laundromat in Esslingen am Neckar, you can have your laundry washed in modern professional washing machines at low prices. You can then dry them directly in one of our drying machines. This means that you have freshly washed laundry again, even if you don't own a washing machine or your machine is broken.

Washing clothes in our laundromat in Esslingen am Neckar is so easy:

✔ Wash with modern professional washing machines
✔ Then dry the laundry
✔ Short washing times from 35 minutes
✔ Fair prices and payment directly on the machine
✔ In the middle of downtown Esslingen

Our laundromat in Esslingen am Neckar is centrally located and therefore easy to reach whenever you want to wash your laundry. At Wash & Go, you have the opportunity to do this 7 days a week and 365 days a year. Our laundromat in Esslingen am Neckar is open for you from 06:00 to 23:00.

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Visit us in our self-service laundromat in Esslingen am Neckar

In our self-service laundromat in Esslingen am Neckar, you can wash your laundry yourself, almost as if you were washing it in your own washing machine at home. The operation of our machines is not only extremely simple and understandable even for laypeople, but also inexpensive. Of course, we place great value on hygiene in our self-service laundromat in Esslingen am Neckar, because only a clean laundromat also means clean laundry.

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Don't just wash and dry clothes at low prices

Washing clothes is very easy and cheap for us. You can get 7 kilos of laundry from us for just € 3. Detergent and fabric softener are available for € 0,40 and € 0,25 respectively. You start the washing process by simply selecting the desired program on the machine and paying the amount due directly there too. Immediately afterwards, about half an hour later, you can get your laundry freshly washed out of the machine.

In our laundromat in Esslingen am Neckar you can not only wash your laundry, but also dry it afterwards. So you don't have to cover the way to your home with wet laundry in your pocket. Drying your laundry using our high-quality drying machines is just as easy as washing laundry and costs you only € 0,80 per drying process.


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Wash & go Stuttgart discount card

It's that easy:
Redeem our wash & go discount card for a small rental fee * at one of our pay machines.

Save on charging permanently:

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* IMPORTANT NOTE: The wash & go discount card must be used for at least 3 months be borrowed. After 3 months, the discount card can be returned and the rental fee of Ask us about international distributors will be refunded. Just write us a short e-mail.

That's how you find us

S1 to the city center (6 minutes walk)

B10 to Stuttgart city center

Opening hours

Monday - Sunday
06:00 - 24:00 pm
Open on Sundays and public holidays

7 days a week and
365 open days a year

Our prices for the Self-service washing functions

Wash and dry with our 16 brand new self-service washing machines and 8 high-performance dryers - all at top prices and short waiting times.
7 kg

18 Kg

20 Kg


* Prices include VAT & in connection with a discount card

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